25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Egypt


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Ministers of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian and Sameh Hassan Shoukry exchanged messages on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In his message Edward Nalbandian notes that the last quarter of a century has been a period of progressive development of inter-state relations and continuous deepening of friendship between the two nations.

Minister Nalbandian underlines that historically the Egyptian-Armenians played an important role in the modern history of Egypt and today also continue having an essential contribution to the development of relations of the two countries.

Edward Nalbandian notes with pride that as the first Ambassador of Armenia to Egypt he has been immediately involved in the establishment of our inter-state relations and participated in their enhancement.

The Foreign Minister of Armenia expresses confidence that through joint efforts we will develop and deepen our cooperation for the prosperity of our friendly nations.

In his massage Sameh Shoukry notes that warm relations between the peoples of our two countries are rooted in history.

Minister Shoukry stresses that friendly relations and cooperation between Egypt and Armenia are based on mutual respect and common interests. The Foreign Minister of Egypt adds that this has led to a dialogue in wide-ranging fields, including on international and regional issues, in addition to different aspects of our bilateral relations.

Sameh Shoukry expresses confidence that the friendship and cooperation between our two countries will continue to grow and deepen in the years ahead.

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