AGBU Cairo supports Egyptian university graduates in preparing Armenian related thesis


 In its 2012 budget, which was announced on the occasion of its General Assembly held on 18th April 2012, AGBU Cairo revealed the continuation of the provision of allowances in 2012 to 4 Egyptian university graduates who are preparing their masters degrees on Armenian related subjects.

The subjects which have been chosen by these graduates are the following: “Yacoub Artin Pasha and his role in Egyptian affairs”, “The US and the Armenian question”, “Great Britain and the Armenian question” ,  “Tsarist Russia and the Armenians of the Ottoman Empire”, “and the “Armenians in Istanbul”. 
Since 2002 AGBU Cairo has been supporting 7 such graduates in preparing their masters’ and doctorate degrees as well as their supervisor by giving them monthly allowances for an average of two years until the final presentation of their thesis. AGBU Cairo plans, after the evaluation and revision of these papers, to publish them for public knowledge. This important work is supervised by the Egyptian historian Dr. Mohamed Refaat Al Imam with the support of AGBU Cairo with the aim of preparing a group of new Egyptian historians who study and pursue Armenian related subjects.
Source: AGBU Egypt
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