AGBU Cairo honours Mrs. Araxi Deuvletian


 A reception was held in honour of Mrs. Araxi Deuvletian on Sunday 6th May 2012, on the occasion of her retirement as AGBU Cairo’s “Deghegadou” Armenian quarterly magazine’s editor in chief after 9 years of benevolent and devoted services. The get-together was held at St. Therese SC’s open air roof restaurant.
The reception was offered by AGBU Cairo and was held in the presence of its board members, writers of the magazine and the contributors who had sustained and supported the quarterly magazine in recent years.
Words of tribute and praise were said in respect of Mrs. Deuvletian by her colleagues of the magazine Mrs. Anjig Ganimian, Mrs. Shaké Markarian; the current editor in chief, by Messrs. Berdj Terzian, the chairman of AGBU Egypt and Viken Djizmedjian, the chairman of AGBU Cairo. They all praised her devotion, seriousness, professionalism and modesty throughout her 9 years of volunteer work for the magazine.
At the end of the evening, Mrs. Deuvletian received a commemorative engraved crystal plate from AGBU Cairo’s chairman in gratitude of her long years of devoted work for the magazine. Mrs. Deuvletian thanked AGBU Cairo, her colleagues and the presence for this gathering, and wished;- through her humble words, AGBU Cairo and the editorial team of the magazine every possible success.
Source: AGBU Egypt
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