20.05.2012 • Armenians in Egypt: dwindling yet resilient in a country in turmoil

By Harut Sassounian, Publisher, The California Courier

15.05.2012 • AGBU Cairo supports Egyptian university graduates in preparing Armenian related thesis

AGBU Cairo revealed the continuation of the provision of allowances in 2012 to 4 Egyptian university graduates who are preparing their masters degrees on Armenian related subjects.

13.05.2012 • AGBU Cairo honours Mrs. Araxi Deuvletian

A reception was held in honour of Mrs. Araxi Deuvletian on Sunday 6th May 2012, on the occasion of her retirement as AGBU Cairo’s “Deghegadou” Armenian quarterly magazine’s editor in chief.

15.04.2012 • New Release: An Armenian family in Egypt, by Nabil Hefny Mahmoud

Abul-Farag Bin Nekula the Armenian was the father of a family who lived and ruled in Egypt at a time when the country was more open and welcoming to foreigners

21.12.2011 • AGBU Cairo awards the bright students of our community

AGBU Cairo awarded on Wednesday 21st December 2011, certificates of excellence, presents and cash prizes to our community’s Egyptian Armenian students who have accomplished distinguished results in the 2010-2011 school year. The award proceedings were held at the Chaker Cultural Center of AGBU Cairo in Heliopolis.

20.12.2011 • AGBU Cairo's Deghegadou (Armenian) magazine October 2011 issue

Armenia's independence's 20th anniversary in Egypt with singer Arsen Krikorian - Presidential decrees for Messrs Berdj Terzian and Vart Alexanian - Shant Avedissian, the artist - Chess in Armenia's schools - HMEM Nubar Cairo's basketball tournament - Armenian printing at the Alex Library Garine Operette at AGBU Cairo - ... + other articles

13.12.2011 • President’s Award handed to Vard Alexanian during a solemn ceremony at the RA Ministry of Diaspora

On December 13, benefactor Vard Alexanian (Egypt), who has been awarded the “Movses Khorenatsi” Medal by the decree of the Presidentof Armenia H.E. Mr. Serzh Sargsyan.

10.12.2011 • “Masrinian Armenian..” A documentary film presented at AGBU Cairo

With the presence of around 50 guests, AGBU Cairo projected and discussed; at its Chaker Culture Center in Heliopolis on Saturday 10th December 2011, a documentary film about the Armenian community of Egypt.

07.11.2011 • RA President’s Award handed during a solemn ceremony at the RA Ministry of Diaspora

On November 7, prominent Egyptian-Armenian figure, writer, publicist, advisor of Areg Daily Berge Terzian was awarded the RA President’s Award during a solemn ceremony at the RA Ministry of Diaspora.

02.10.2011 • Two Armeno-Egyptian personalities honored by Armenia’s President

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia, President Serge Sargsyan has bestowed two Armeno- Egyptian personalities with Merit awards for their significant contributions to the Motherland.

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